Four Two Seven (2019)
Branding & Packaging Concept
Currently in the Period Products or “Feminine Hygiene Products” category brands often only consider and marketed toward women who get their period. However women are not  the only ones who get their period or use these products, as many Non-Binary Folks and Trans Men need these products as well; are often made to feel alienated with hot pink, floral packaging and brand language/images that only feature women in their advertising. 
For this project my goal was to create a Period Product(s) brand that is inclusive to everyone who gets a periods and promote a way to have a more sustainable period through reusable products. As well to have transparency in the ingredients and what’s in these products. As currently there are no regulations that require companies to disclose what’s in  pads, tampons etc. Many small organic and sustainable brands are transparent about their ingredients, but major brands like Always & Tampax still opt not to ( many of the major brands products can often contain harmful chemicals). I think transparency in ingredients of these products is really important as it allows consumers to make a more informed decision about their own personal care products and health.
Packaging, Branding, Inclusive Design    
Packaging Concept for Four Two Seven Menstrual Cup 
INCLUSIVE                    TRANSPARENT              AFFORADABLE​​​​​​​
Packaging Concept for Four Two Seven Menstrual Cup Travel Pouch
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